Sunday 25th October 2020

Surf Coast Kite Festival – Public kite flying day

Remember to socially distance, mask up and have fun!

All proceeds from kite sales go directly to Jan Juc Preschool
Proudly brought to you by Jan Juc Preschool
Sunday 25th October 2020
No set time.
Public Kite Flying Day
No set location
(Beach, park, oval, backyard – it is up to you!)


The Surf Coast Kite Festival is a fun, free community event and fundraiser for Jan Juc Preschool.

It is the philosophy of Jan Juc Preschool that children be encouraged to learn and grow through a play-based curriculum that reflects the individual and unique nature of every child. The Surf Coast Kite Festival was an idea born out of this philosophy, to create an outdoor event that everyone – young and old – could enjoy.

Unfortunately, this year due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Surf Coast Kite Festival cannot operate in the same capacity as we have previously enjoyed. However, we feel that now is more important than ever to promote a fun physical community activity to support a happy and healthy body and mind.

We encourage you to grab your kites, head outside and enjoy some kite flying time with your loved ones. Purchase your kites at Torquay Toys or via the link on this website – all proceeds raised will go directly to the Jan Juc Preschool.

The event is scheduled for Sunday 25th October – there is no set timeframe or location to ensure people do not congregate.

Remember to socially distance, mask up and more importantly HAVE FUN!

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